North Smithfield Police Chief

Applications must be received by 4:00 pm January 13, 2020.

NORTH SMITHFIELD, RHODE ISLAND CHIEF OF POLICE The Town of North Smithfield, RI, is seeking a chief of police to lead a full-service police department of 26 fulltime sworn officers and 6 civilian dispatch personnel with a 2019-2020 operating budget of $2,752,421.


The department is accredited by the Rhode Island Police Accreditation Commission. With a population of 12,000 residents, the Town of North Smithfield is a suburban community that lies along the northern portion of the state’s growing suburban transect between an urbanized eastern portion of Rhode Island and the rural western portion. Route 146, which travels through the town, carries roughly 45,000 vehicles per day serving local and interstate traffic as well as a substantial retail area and the town’s industrial land activity. The town is governed by a five-member elected Town Council and an elected Town Administrator. The police chief is appointed by the Town Administrator for an indefinite term and subject to removal by the Town Administrator, in accordance with provisions of the North Smithfield home rule charter.


A preferred candidate will have a minimum of 15 years of progressively responsible police experience with a minimum of 3 years of experience in an administrative position, hold the rank of Lieutenant or above in an organized police department including military, if applicable, or any other law enforcement agency providing equivalent experience, a bachelor’s degree in a related field, or an equivalent combination of education, training, and experience. Preference is given to a qualified elector of the town.


Applicants must possess or have ability to obtain Rhode Island certification and reside within a 30-minute response time. The ideal candidate will be well organized, visionary, forward thinking, sensitive to the fiscal and social needs of the community and have experience where excellence has been demonstrated.


Salary range is $89,000, commensurate with ability.

North Smithfield is an equal opportunity employer.

Full job description and town charter available at


For additional information related to the search, contact Town Administrator:

Gary Ezovski

401-767-2200 Ext 303

Send resume with cover letter and references in confidence to or by US Mail marked confidential to:

Town Administrator Gary Ezovski,

Town of North Smithfield,

PO Box 248,

Slatersville, RI 02876


Applications must be received by 4:00 pm January 13, 2020.


Under the supervision of the Town Administrator, the Chief of Police is the Chief Administrative Officer of the Police Department, responsible for its effective and efficient operation, the enforcement of rules and regulations of all laws within the Town’s legal jurisdiction. The Chief of Police is the final departmental authority on all matters relating to policy, procedures, operations and discipline.



1. To ensure the Department’s mission to establish and maintain a proactive partnership with the residents and business owners to work together in solving problems facing our community.

2. Implement community service programs designed to prevent crime, apprehend and prosecute offenders, and recover property.

3. Ensure the enforcement al all laws within the Town’s jurisdiction. 4. Ensure the enactment and enforcement of Rules and Regulations, General Orders, Special Orders and other directives that provide for the direction and control of employees.

5. Plan, organize, schedule, direct, coordinate, control, and staff all activities.

6. Provide employees with effective leadership, supervision and training, and a quality work environment.

7. Prepare the Police Department annual budget.

8. Oversee the five-year strategic plan to attain national accreditation from the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA).

9. Develop annual and multi-year goals and objectives.

10. Maintain citizen complaint procedures to investigate allegations made against employees.

11. Maintain updated job descriptions for employees.

12. Oversee the recruitment and selection process.

13. Oversee the field training officer program.

14. Oversee basic, advanced, and specialized in-service training programs for employees.

15. Oversee the performance evaluation management system.

16. Oversee the promotional process.

17. Oversee the written directive system to ensure that employees are provided direction and know exactly what is expected of them.

18. Work closely with the news media in its coverage of police activities.

19. Maintain updated personnel files on Department employees.

20. Continue a close working relationship with local school officials, including, but not limited to administrators, faculty, and staff.



1. Enlist the suggestions of all departmental employees to ensure a high level of input and acceptance of Department initiatives.

2. Commit to diversifying the work place with respect to female and minority employees.

3. Designate an Acting Chief of Police in the absence of the Chief of Police.



1. Should be a police officer with at least fifteen (15) years experience, with a minimum of three (3) year experience in an administrative position, and hold the rank of Lieutenant /above.

2. Hold a valid operator’s license.

3. Be a graduate of a certified police academy.

4. Possess the ability to effectively communicate and develop successful working relationships with the Town Administrator, Town council, and police command structure.

5. Possess skills in budgeting and program management.

6. Familiarity with latest policing techniques including crime prevention, drug/alcohol prevention and enforcement efforts, and juvenile programs.

7. Possess the ability to oversee annual and multi-year goals and objectives.

8. Possess the ability to operate a motor vehicle.

9. Possess extensive collective bargaining experience.

10. An exemplary service record.

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