Boards & Standing Committees

Steering Office

  • Chief John Desmaris

Police Officer’s Commission On Standards and Training (Post):
(NOTE: This committee is appointed by the Governor)

  • Chair: Chief Anthony Pesare

  • Member: Colonel Ann Assumpico

  • Member: Chief Edward Mello,

  • Member: Chief David Palmer

  • Member: Mr. Shawn J. Brown (Middletown Town Administrator)

Violence Against Women Law Enforcement Task Force Liaison:

  • Representative: Chief Mike Chalek

  • Alternate: Chief Steven Baker

State Crime Lab (Senate Approval Needed):
Governor Appointment / Senate approval needed

  • Representative:

  • Alternate: Chief Steven Baker

  • Medical Examiner’s Office

Law Enforcement Planning Committee:

  • Chair: Colonel Stephen M. McCartney

  • Co-Chair: Chief Paul KIng

  • Member: Chief Gary Silva

  • Member: Chief John MacDonald

  • Member: Chief John Desmarais

  • Member: Colonel Richard Silva

  • Member: Chief Thomas Blakey

  • Member: Chief Joseph DelPrete

  • Member: Chief Richard Ramsay

  • Member: Colonel Michael Winquist

Criminal Justice Hall of Fame:

  • Board Member: President RIPCA, Chief Dean Hoxsie

  • Alternate: Executive Director RIPCA

Traffic Safety Coalition:

  • Representative: Colonel Richard Sullivan

Rhode Island Commission on Bias and Prejudice:

  • Representative: Chief Jeffrey Allen

  • Alternate: Colonel James Mendonca

  • Alternate: Chief Thomas Oates


  • Representative: Colonel Hugh T. Clements

Executive Board/100 Club of Rhode Island:

  • Representative: President RIPCA, Chief Dean Hoxsie

  • Alternate: Chief James Mendonca

Special Olympics/R.I. Torch Run (LACP Sanctioned):

  • Chair: Chief Elwood Johnson

  • Member: Chief Stephen Lynch

  • Member: Chief Christopher Parella

  • Member: Chief Richard St. Sauveur

Rhode Island League of Cities and Towns:

  • Representative: Chief Dean Hoxsie

  • Alternate: Chief Hugh Clements

Board of Police Officers’ Relief (RI Dept Labor & Training Office): 

  • Representative: Chief Richard Ramsay

State Emergency Response Commission:

  • Representative: Colonel Stephen Lynch

  • Alternate: Chief John MacDonald

CJIS Policy Advisory Board

  • Representative: Chief Edward Mello

Flashing Red Light Committee R.I.G.L 31-23-11.1

  • Representative: Chief David Palmer

  • Representative: Chief William Ziehl

  • Representative: Chief Stephen Lynch

Interoperable Communication Committee:

  • Representative: Chief Leo Messier

Joint Municipal Shared Services Study Commission:

Public Safety Dispatch Advisory Committee

  • Representative: Chief Brian Sullivan

  • Representative: Chief Dean Hoxsie

  • Representative: Chief Elwood Johnson

Joint Behavioral Health & Firearm Safety Task Force:
Joint Resolution creating a behavioral health and firearms safety task force to review and make recommendations for statutes relating to firearms and behavioral health issues.

  • Representative: Chief Elwood Johnson

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